Friday, March 20, 2009


Have you already found your dream home, but found out someone else has bid on it before you? It is an emotional turmoil to see someone else walk away with your dream house. Here are some tips for winning the bidding while sticking to your budget.
The first and most important thing is to know and keep your bottom line. During bidding, it is easy to be hot-headed and purchase a house for a price you cannot afford. Knowing your limit and sticking to it is the first thing you should bear in mind.

You also need a professional’s advice all the time. A real estate agent who not only has experience in buying and selling, but also owns property and makes investments by him or herself is essential. He or she needs to put your interests first and not the commission split on the final deal price.
Be financially ready, call up your loan lender and make sure the finance is ready to go. The seller will be happier with someone who loves the property and is at ease financially.
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