Thursday, March 12, 2009

belize land toledo

Everything about choosing the right professionals during your real estate buying process. The three utmost important professionals in your home buying process are real estate agent, your loan officer, and home inspector.

A good real estate agent is essential in your property buying process. A real estate agent is someone who watches the local market full time, and be able to educate you about the market and goal, who shows you the property and finally haggle the price for you. A good real estate agent is not someone only look at the commission ~5% the price of the property, but someone who put your interest at heart and give you sincere advices.
A good loan officer helps you to get a loan from the lender. He or she will educate you about mortgages and which type of mortgage is good for you. Loan officers are paid on commission based on the loan you borrow. It is important to have a loan officer who sells you the best loan that suits you, instead selling you the highest amount of loan possible.
A third important person is the home inspector. He will inform you objectively the shortcomings of the house and things needs to be fixed before your final deal and move in. Home inspectors are expecting you to ask a lot of questions during the inspection. Remember you pay for the service, so ‘d better to use it to full advantage.
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