Friday, March 20, 2009

houses in corozal belize, HOUSES IN BELIZE

When you have looked around many houses, they start to look alike. What are the qualities you are looking in a house?

First, location, location, location. Location is the oldest saying in buying a house, and it is definitely right. Buy a house close to your work and school. Spending 3 hours to commute everyday is not the way to go.

Second, the view of the house and the neighbourhood. The surrounding condition or persona of the neighbourhood decide the value of the house. If the neighbourhood is a dump, the house value won’t go up.

Then, the interior of the house. The kitchen, bathroom, living room. If you like the neighbourhood, but the house itself needs a fixer upper, it may cost you thousands of dollars but this customization may not add much value to the house when you want to sell it.

These are the things to look into when you are buying a house. But last not the least, trust your feeling, when you have met your dream house, you will know this is the one to buy. For more information on buying a second home in Belize, Central Caribbean, check out our featured property HOUSES IN COROZAL BELIZE, and your dream house may just be waiting out there for you.

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